Welcoming Ben Blair to The Cooper Group

The things that make a great real estate agent are things that simply can't be trained.

It’s the intrinsic values that mould a person’s entire being. In my opinion, anyone can be trained to sell a house but the skills that make you a great real estate agent run a lot deeper.


When I started The Cooper Group, my entire focus was on building a Nelson real estate brand that made you, our client, feel that it’s all about you and what you need. I wanted to take real estate back to its old-fashioned roots – working with people and doing everything possible to get the best possible result. Every home is different, every reason for selling and circumstance is different, so I don’t believe that there should be a ‘one size fits all’ approach that you will see in some of the corporate brands.


As a result, we have built a business that is largely referral based. The bulk of the properties that we bring to the market are people who have either used us in the past or heard from friends and family who have used us in the past. Having the right team of people is crucial. Not only do I have an expectation that they will uphold the same value set as me, but who also believe, as I do, in the power of team. We work together for the same common goal. Here at The Cooper Group we look after each other and together we look after you.


I recently invited Ben Blair to join us. Ben has come to us with more than 12 months’ experience with another company, and the things that stood out for me, when I met him, were his energy and enthusiasm, his attention to detail and his understanding of working in a modern digital environment. Ben has quickly shown me that he has the skills and the persona to be a great agent.

“I feel very humbled when I look at the calibre of the people who work with me at The Cooper Group: a remarkable group of individuals.”

– Debbie Cooper

I asked Ben to give me his thoughts on why he chose The Cooper Group, and here is what he had to say.


1. What attracted you to The Cooper Group?
There were several things that attracted me to the team. I love the brand’s overall aesthetic – right from the way they market their homes, the look and feel of the office and the carefully chosen team members. I love their unparalleled service and how client focused the brand is. Every client and home, regardless of the value, is treated with the utmost care.

2.Where do you see the value of working within this brand?
The Cooper Group is a close-knit bunch of very skilled salespeople who work together to ensure clients receive the best possible service and results. They are relationship focused, not transactional focused like a lot of the other real estate companies. The brand’s identity is high end, so this draws high end homes.

3.What has been the response from your clients when you let them know about your move?
Clients of mine, with whom I’m currently working, and from the past, have pretty much all said, “Good move!”. They then went on to mention that they believe The Cooper Group aligns with my personal brand and the values.

The premium bespoke service and branding that The Cooper Group holds provides confidence for my clients and future clients that they’ll be receiving the best possible real estate service that the region has to offer.

With a set of values like that and a vision that so closely mirrors that of The Cooper Group we are delighted to welcome Ben to our team. It is incredibly important in the current changing market that a team works together in smart ways to achieve optimum results for the client.
We feel sure that Ben will fit into our team culture extremely well, for the benefit of all concerned.

Welcome on board, Ben!

Debbie Cooper - The Cooper Group - Nelson's Premium Property Real Estate Agents
Words by Debbie Cooper
Director & Licensee Agent at the Cooper Group 

The Cooper Group are 100% local and committed to our community. 
We are a small business with big ideas and even bigger hearts. ♥♥♥


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